I'm a Linux and technology hobbyist, with around 15 years of home-lab experience and about 5 years of professional experience, turning a passion into a profession. I'm passionate about open source software and community driven development. I'm always looking for the next new thing to learn and try.


Tech I Use:


Have installed, configured, and used a Linux server and desktop in production for my home-lab since the mid 2000s. Have used Linux desktop (currently KDE Plasma) as a “Daily Driver” since 2010. I use Arch BTW… ;)


Successfully installed, configured, and deployed a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack on an Arch server for a Wordpress website. Created SSL encryption using Letsencrypt. Have since then replaced Apache with Nginx. So, perhaps, my LAMP has become a LiNMP. #dad-joke

Successfully installed, configured, and deployed into production Nextcloud, Vaultwarden (Bitwarden), Collabora, and Jellyfin servers for my household and personal use.


Migrated native installations of these services to containers by learning and using Docker and Docker Compose.


Secured my home network with Open Source software by utilizing OpenWRT on a Netgear Router and separating the LAN into different zones. Further secured LAN by installing an instance of Pi-Hole to use as an ad blocker and DNS/DHCP server.


Created a BASH script using Systemd timers and Pi-Hole to block and unblock certain MAC/IP addresses from accessing the internet at certain times. You can read about it here.

Created a Backup solution for my home-lab server by using Rsync, Systemd timers, and BASH.


Created a VPN, using Tailscale, to use when outside of the home LAN.

Programming Projects:


An archive.org downloader written in python.


A thumbnail maker using BASH and ffmpeg.


A BASH script that will backup your home folders in compressed tarballs if changes are detected.

In My Toolbox:


Other Hobbies and Interests:

In addition to loving all things electronics and technology, I enjoy creating and making things with my wife for our home. I also enjoy modding and doing general maintenance on my cars.

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